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New Changes

Sorry fans, I have not been blogging in such a long time. It seems like it has been forever. Lol. Right?

Well, I have been umber busy. So much to do, so little time. It is like one thing after another over here in my life that it has been hard for me to do anything else but take care of my stuff. What is worse is I am not good with a whole lot stress and surprises. This means that I have to schedule and plan everything that I do in order to keep my stress level under control. Otherwise, I am a bubbling mess.

When I stress it is not pretty.

My skin starts to break out, palms begin to sweat, and then I get that prickly feeling in my underarms. Not to mention the beads of sweat that begin to roll down my face, neck, and body. Ugh, stress is not joke.

Many may be wondering what exactly I have been up to if I am not blogging. Well, surprise everyone I am married.

If you all remember, I met my finance and now husband on my favorite game Rune Scape. Oh so long ago, we met, talked, played, and fell in love. Now I can now say that I am married!

That what I have been busy with, taking care of all of the last minutes details, organizing functions for our families to bring them together.

Moreover, just enjoying my new married life.

The Greatest Discovery of Rune Scape

I think I may have found a secret lair in the game.

I have net post anything in a while but so much have happen since my last blog post. So very much. All good things, I assure you.

My fiance and I have decided on a day, put deposits on a venue, food, and entertainment. I even found my wedding dress and my parents paid for it. Invitations have been sent out over the weekend and tuxedos rented. Everything is ready for us to say those infamous words, “I do.”

Now all we have to do is wait for the day. I am so excited, ready to burst. Our families are so ready to make an official that I think they are ready for it to happen tomorrow!

With all of these things done and in a relatively short time has allowed me to spend more time then usually on Rune Scape. The other night I was up to the wee hours of the morning stuck in my story and my adventure that time just got away from me.

Which is a great thing for me because I stumbled upon a part of the game that is rumored to have been part of it. I mean I have never met anyone that have actually found the secret lair of Princess Adobo and her Yellow River.

If you do not know what I am talking about then look it up. It is one of those things that is only discuss on those black messages boards online. All very hush-hush.

And I found it!

wedding Plans a Go

Last night my fiancé and I were discussing wedding plans. Trying to pan out all of the details. The when, where, and what colors.

We have decided to go with purple, gold and green for the colors. I will have a bouquet of purple calla lilies. I have chosen to wear my mother’s wedding dress, as is the tradition in our family. As with tradition we can alter it, anyway we want to suit our own design and style. However, I have decided to wear two dresses. One I will wear for the actual ceremony, hence he family heirloom and the second will be worn at the reception.

Luckily, my family chose a classical look so there is not that much altering to the dress, nor would I want to change it. I mean, who wants to be the first to change it?

Then we were discussing the venue. We have both agreed to have it in a park we both like to frequent together. It is almost the exactly replica as one of the forests on Rune Scape. With a little creativity, it can be just the same. It will feel as though we are being married in the actual game! Such a dream come true for the both of us!

Our guest is quite large, as I previously mention it will be in the park; so we will have more, than enough room I am sure of it.

With everything seeming to be squared away, I cannot wait for my wedding in two weeks!

A weekend alone-sort of…

What a great weekend, I spent the entire weekend on Rune Scape, my fiancé and I made a date on the game. We complete missions together, we enjoy roaming through the forest, and we live completing different training exercises. Grown in and developing our strength so that we become an unbeatable pair.

I have grown extremely wealthy. Well, at least on the game I am super wealthy.

As I was saying, I spent the entire weekend playing and developing characters that are unstoppable. I have even grown my team to include more than just my future husband I have befriend three other top players. That together we have moved and grown leaps and bounds.

The only thing that is somewhat sucky is that tomorrow I have to get and go to work so I can spend my night paling. I must take a break and just play after work before going to bread.

I tell you what I live for the weekend. It was so exhilarating to take the time out to have a Rune Scape marathon, nothing impeding it or keeping me away from it.

Just me and the game, and Pipit the Burrito King’s delivery boy. Shutting of my phone, ignoring all reach outs for going out and hanging with friends. Well at least real life friends. My virtual fins surrounded me all weekend and we had a great time.

I cannot wait for this weekend I cannot shut myself out like this one but I will have a few moments alone to play and engrossed myself in a fantasy. At least for a few moments.

Become a Boss in No Time

If you are a noob in Rune Scape and need to know how to get better, heck how to become a great opponent then these are some sure fire ways in order to do so.

Often time I use these hookups I have been using these hookups and I am one of the highest ranks players out there. At the top of the charts. If you do not believe me, look me up- Lola.

  1. Know and understand how to navigate around the map. The map is crucial part of Rune Scape. Knowing it and knowing it well will save you many hours spent trying to understand how to get around and where everything is.
  2. Being social and making allies will put you further along the game then if you stay isolated and do not interact with anyone.
  3. Get as much gold as you can muster. With money comes power. You are allow to buy things to make you are a more formidable opponent. There are a few ways to do this, the easiest, at least to me, is to buy water and sell for two hundred and fifty gold coins. After doing this and some of the other ways of making money in no time you will reach one million in gold. That is when you can start living the life of a merchant.

Work and train as much as you can. By fighting and overcoming rock crabs, taking out goblins, and the guards

Why I Love the Game

I know it seems as if my life revolves around the game, the virtual world, Rune Scape. I mean I admit I do play it a lot, a whole lot. That only bruise my virtual online fantasy world is a lot more exciting than real life it seems. Another thing that I like about it is that I can practice different approaches to people and ideas before I implement them in my own life.

Let us be honest Rune Scape has offered a lot in my not so exciting life. A breather from real life stresses. Accounting skills from my many expenditures on it. How to problem solve and manage a team and an empire. Most of all it taught me to be resourceful. I think that is why I enjoy it so much; I think that is why many who play keep coming back for more.

I cannot tell you the number of people I have met that started playing back when, in the old school days. That for some reason or another had stopped. Maybe they went onto try out other online fantasy games or just stopped enjoying as much when the game makers started making changes.

In recent they have kept the flavor of the old with the interaction and upgrades of many of the new and formidable games.

Not to mention I met the love of my life on that game. The man that ask me to marry him and be with him for the rest of our lives.

Love is Where You Least Expect It

I remember as if it was yesterday the moment I met my fiancé. I hates when I tell this story but I believe it was kismet. It crazy how some things just work to gather you know without even trying?

I was having a hard day, everything that could wrong at work did. It was as if someone had put a curse on me; there was just no way of winning that day.

After I clocked out and made it, home three hours later. There was super heavy traffic on the freeway. A truck carrying chickens lost control and crashed into the median. It took a long time for the emergency crews to clean up and locate all of the chickens.

Once I made it home all I could think about is taking a nice hot shower and going to bed. In fact, that is exactly what I did.

The only thing is I was having trouble falling asleep. In addition, I tried everything I could think of to help. I turned the T.V. on, count sheep, and drank a mug of delicious chamomile tea, nothing work.

I figured I might as well log onto Rune Scape and see what is happening in the virtual world. Maybe after a few minutes of playing I will be tired enough to get a few hours in before it was time for me to wake up for work.

I was ambling through the forest, testing out my new skill, when it happen. I met this warlock in the forest. We started talking. And the rest is history.

Best Type of Opportunity

In my last blog, I was deciding if I would use those cheats, tips, and codes to get along in the game. It was a hard decision for me to make. I was so concern that I would be kicked or, gasp, banned from the game it really had me contemplating on my next move, you know.

After some careful consideration I decided that I would win the old fashion way. Team up and take over. Create a dynasty.

As my grandpa always said, “honesty is the best policy.”

Most people do not know this; heck, I think this is the first time in a long time that I mention anything to anyone. I mean it has so long, everyone already knows.

Now I am going to share it with the world. I met my fiancé on Rune Scape.

There I was frolicking through the forest, shooting the breeze, just wasting time waiting to for someone to do a battle with, when out of nowhere I saw this most magical character.

He had an axe in his hand and he was chopping down this huge tree. We started talking and scheming developing a plan to take over the whole forest.

We were unstoppable, the two of us. There was not a minute game, a penguin, or even a rock that we did not surpass. It was amazing.

It was so different, I have often heard of people doubling and teaming on this game but I never came across the opportunity.

Level Up, Y’all

Once you have reached ninety-nine then what next. Should you continue, I mean what is next?

Do not fret, with Rune Scape the sky is the limit. Just keep going. That is the best about this type of game the story line just keep continuing and continuing. It is amazing. After ninety-nine, you have done the ultimate. Way to go you just made it to the next level. Do you feel amazing? Because you should. Not many people can say that they made to this level.

I mean with RS, you max out when you have earned four hundred and thirty million.

To reach this ultimate level. The unattainable high. Just keep up the activates. That mean full on training exercise, succeeding at the quests, and playing activities such as Penguin Hide and Seek, Mage Training Arena, and the many other Minicamps.

Trust me; before you know it, it is next level time. Level up, man. Another extra boost for any much gamer is to do the daily challenges.

I wish someone had told me these little tidbits. It would have save me what felt like a century of unnecessary searching and stumbling through the forest. Well, there was one thing that came out of my naïve playing, I made and met many cool people. Some real life Runesies.

I am a Warrior, stuck in a Noob’s reality

I remember when Run Escape first came out; I was in the seventh grade I think. Watching my older brother and his friends play made me want to try it out. Hey, what can I say, as a young kid my big bro was the coolest thing on two legs to me. Whatever he did, did or at least try to…I am girl anyway.

Eventually he noticed that I was always watching him play. He did as if he always did and asked if I wanted to try it out for myself.

Explaining the different objectives, purposes, and weapons, I picked it up in no time. I remember staying up into the wee hours of the night playing. Until I fell asleep, just to wake up a few hours later for school.

After a while, I stopped playing, I just did not have the time anymore. I became so busy with my activities, school, homework and things it was simply too hard to stay up all night and my weekends were booked.

However, last week I was at my brother’s house hanging out with his family. You know playing with my niece and nephew, talking to his girlfriend. When he brought the game back up on his television. Saying that someone told him it that it has been developed to be more interactive, better playing, and filled with many great people in the community. He decided to try it out again and fell in love with it all over.

That night I went home, turn on my laptop, and created my character, Lola.

I’m back!

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