Rune Scape

Level Up, Y’all

Once you have reached ninety-nine then what next. Should you continue, I mean what is next?

Do not fret, with Rune Scape the sky is the limit. Just keep going. That is the best about this type of game the story line just keep continuing and continuing. It is amazing. After ninety-nine, you have done the ultimate. Way to go you just made it to the next level. Do you feel amazing? Because you should. Not many people can say that they made to this level.

I mean with RS, you max out when you have earned four hundred and thirty million.

To reach this ultimate level. The unattainable high. Just keep up the activates. That mean full on training exercise, succeeding at the quests, and playing activities such as Penguin Hide and Seek, Mage Training Arena, and the many other Minicamps.

Trust me; before you know it, it is next level time. Level up, man. Another extra boost for any much gamer is to do the daily challenges.

I wish someone had told me these little tidbits. It would have save me what felt like a century of unnecessary searching and stumbling through the forest. Well, there was one thing that came out of my naïve playing, I made and met many cool people. Some real life Runesies.

Get that dough!

When it comes to online fantasy games nothing does it for me like Run escape.

Many people do not realize that you must make money on Run escape. Without it, you cannot progress and the enjoyment of the game will not be felt.

If you are having a hard time gaining wealth, like I did when I first started on my journey. Here are a few ways that can be achieved. Just remember it will take some time but do not fret it can be done.

Make sure you are working towards a goal. This will make it easier; I find that if I have determine my end game as it may.

Once you have decided what type of skill you would like to master, you are now ready to cultivate and produce something to sell. Then hello, you are in the money!

There are such a variety of skills that you can achieve each one with offers a great opportunity for bringing in the dough. Just do not lose focus and go all Willy silly through the game. Keep your eye on the ball.

In order to level up you must have at least forty level in mining.

Let us let going level forty be our goal, for this excursive. Make it easily attainable. Like two level per day each day. This is a really easy and attainable go for anyone to have.

Now in about twenty days, assuming that you are committed, you will have reached level forty.

Now you can get a skill and start making the money!

Congratulations, baller!

I am a Warrior, stuck in a Noob’s reality

I remember when Run Escape first came out; I was in the seventh grade I think. Watching my older brother and his friends play made me want to try it out. Hey, what can I say, as a young kid my big bro was the coolest thing on two legs to me. Whatever he did, did or at least try to…I am girl anyway.

Eventually he noticed that I was always watching him play. He did as if he always did and asked if I wanted to try it out for myself.

Explaining the different objectives, purposes, and weapons, I picked it up in no time. I remember staying up into the wee hours of the night playing. Until I fell asleep, just to wake up a few hours later for school.

After a while, I stopped playing, I just did not have the time anymore. I became so busy with my activities, school, homework and things it was simply too hard to stay up all night and my weekends were booked.

However, last week I was at my brother’s house hanging out with his family. You know playing with my niece and nephew, talking to his girlfriend. When he brought the game back up on his television. Saying that someone told him it that it has been developed to be more interactive, better playing, and filled with many great people in the community. He decided to try it out again and fell in love with it all over.

That night I went home, turn on my laptop, and created my character, Lola.

I’m back!

Time for a Little Assistance

th6DX7MW1EMan, is this place a mess. Clothes everywhere, things thrown haphazardly. Just no type of order. Being in here is enough to make your head spin. It is like being in one of those teacup rides at Disney, where you just keep swirling and twirling around. So fast that you cannot even, make out the faces of the people twenty feet away. Yes, that is exactly how I feel standing here. There has to be some way to get all of this stuff organize and keep it organized. There just have to be away because I cannot keep living like this. A few more days like this and I am leaving. Yes, I will leave; no one should have to live like this. No one!

Two years ago, this was I. I was sad, depress, and overwhelm with everything going on in my life at the time. I was six months pregnant with my first child. In school, six weeks from completing my master’s in business, and developing a small business with my husband buying and selling used car parts online.

My house, my lovely home looked like a tornado went through, changed its mind turned around and left. Without picking up anteing behind itself! Yes, it was bad. It was just so hard to manage everything that was doing and keep up with the cleaning of the house. My husband was not any better off. I swear in those early years he spent so much time on the road. Buying parts, checking out different tips and leads, and developing a network of people that we use in our daily lives. Without this network, our business and our ability to run it successfully would be in great jeopardy.

Every time I complain, he would reassure me that it would get better. Not to worry about the house and to just keep my eye on the ball and do what I can.

That is easier said than done.

I am a southern girl and my mama did not raise me to keep a messy house. I can only imagine what she would say if she saw that. Lord have mercy. That is a bullet I had manage to dodge almost that entire year. Up until I had the baby, I was able to thwart any plans my mom had on visiting us.

Now two years later and free of my precious Sarah. We are known into our little groove. My house is organized and well maintain, our business is thriving, I finished my business program, and my baby is happy, fat, and healthy.

I know many people are wondering how I did it, right. Well, I decided that I needed to hire some help. After some careful budgeting and prowling, I was able to hire a young girl from my college. Her parents wanted her to work part time during her college days, in hopes that she will not waste her time partying and to have some type of real world experience.

She readily accepted my employment offer as my personal assistant. She helped with the house, organized my planner, and kept me on track and on schedule with my doctor visits, class assignments, and other events and appointments.   In fact, she is still my assistant. At least until she graduates. Then she will intern with some investment firm her brother partners at.

Until then she is all mine and she is wonderful.

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