Rune Scape

About Amelia Sinclair

untitled (11)Born in the eastern part of Europe, she and her family migrated to Omaha, Nebraska in 1997.  it was there that she perfected her English by the assistance of her third grade teacher Mrs. Stein.  It was also Mrs. Stein that introduce and curated her love of books.

Mrs. Stein used great American literature to teach Amelia how to read and speak with a profound grasp of the language.  By the time she was thirteen Amelia had read through all the classics and working her way through the encyclopedia Britannica.

Now years later she is an award winning novelist and writer.  She is an international super star and a terrific mother to boot.

Amelia is a apt wife, mother, and daughter.  She is the middle child of seven children.  She loves cooking big dinners and hosting parties on her nine hundred acre ranch.  When she is not busy writing and taking of her family Amelia likes to take some time alone and enjoy a good bout of fishing, hunting, and breeding her stallions.  Someday she hopes to take a trip around the world if time ever permits.  She resides on her ranch with her handsome husband Demetri Parker along with their beautiful children, Marayam, Naajah, Sarah, Hannah, Aaali, and Aadam.

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