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New Changes

Sorry fans, I have not been blogging in such a long time. It seems like it has been forever. Lol. Right?

Well, I have been umber busy. So much to do, so little time. It is like one thing after another over here in my life that it has been hard for me to do anything else but take care of my stuff. What is worse is I am not good with a whole lot stress and surprises. This means that I have to schedule and plan everything that I do in order to keep my stress level under control. Otherwise, I am a bubbling mess.

When I stress it is not pretty.

My skin starts to break out, palms begin to sweat, and then I get that prickly feeling in my underarms. Not to mention the beads of sweat that begin to roll down my face, neck, and body. Ugh, stress is not joke.

Many may be wondering what exactly I have been up to if I am not blogging. Well, surprise everyone I am married.

If you all remember, I met my finance and now husband on my favorite game Rune Scape. Oh so long ago, we met, talked, played, and fell in love. Now I can now say that I am married!

That what I have been busy with, taking care of all of the last minutes details, organizing functions for our families to bring them together.

Moreover, just enjoying my new married life.

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