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The Times I was Away

Those that follow my blog by now know that Rune Scape is my go to place; it is my home away from home. No matter what is going on in my life I always spend a little time online gaming, and creating my kingdom. There are only a few times since I have been in the RS world that my login wen unused.

The first time was a few years ago I was sick in the hospital with mono. Then there was that time last year that there was a death in family. My uncle on my mother side passed away. He use to install good HVAC systems for commercial use. As per family traditions, we host a big dinner and reunion honoring the deceased.

I volunteered to help my mother and grandmother for a few days. Therefore, that kept me away.

Then there was last week.

What happen? Well, just a little something called a super freeze. At least that is what I am calling it.

After work, I stopped by my fiancé house, and then I came home. Which is a good thing. It was cold that day. So cold, in fact that my pipes in the basement froze, then consequently burst flooding my basement floor. My furnace, which I believe has been around as long as the house has, was also flooded. Therefore no heat in my lovely home.

I called my fiancé to ask him what I should do and this man actually suggested that I google “how to repair your furnace“. Like I was going to mess with that old furnace in the basement. I am not delusional; I know my strength and weakness. Home repair is not a strength of mine.

After doing an online search. Sitting in the car with the heat on full blast of course. I came across this website,, it had great reviews and everyone had nothing but nice things to say about them.

After perusing their website, I noticed that they specialized in older furnaces and boilers. That and they offer affordable A/C repairs options and the same for heating units.

After finding their phone number, I shot them a call. Lucky for me they had someone in the area; he was immediately dispatched to my address.

After the contractors inspected my situation. He encourage me to have the HVAC unit replaced with a newer model. After listening to his expert advice, I decided to upgrade.

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