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wedding Plans a Go

Last night my fiancé and I were discussing wedding plans. Trying to pan out all of the details. The when, where, and what colors.

We have decided to go with purple, gold and green for the colors. I will have a bouquet of purple calla lilies. I have chosen to wear my mother’s wedding dress, as is the tradition in our family. As with tradition we can alter it, anyway we want to suit our own design and style. However, I have decided to wear two dresses. One I will wear for the actual ceremony, hence he family heirloom and the second will be worn at the reception.

Luckily, my family chose a classical look so there is not that much altering to the dress, nor would I want to change it. I mean, who wants to be the first to change it?

Then we were discussing the venue. We have both agreed to have it in a park we both like to frequent together. It is almost the exactly replica as one of the forests on Rune Scape. With a little creativity, it can be just the same. It will feel as though we are being married in the actual game! Such a dream come true for the both of us!

Our guest is quite large, as I previously mention it will be in the park; so we will have more, than enough room I am sure of it.

With everything seeming to be squared away, I cannot wait for my wedding in two weeks!

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