Rune Scape

A weekend alone-sort of…

What a great weekend, I spent the entire weekend on Rune Scape, my fiancé and I made a date on the game. We complete missions together, we enjoy roaming through the forest, and we live completing different training exercises. Grown in and developing our strength so that we become an unbeatable pair.

I have grown extremely wealthy. Well, at least on the game I am super wealthy.

As I was saying, I spent the entire weekend playing and developing characters that are unstoppable. I have even grown my team to include more than just my future husband I have befriend three other top players. That together we have moved and grown leaps and bounds.

The only thing that is somewhat sucky is that tomorrow I have to get and go to work so I can spend my night paling. I must take a break and just play after work before going to bread.

I tell you what I live for the weekend. It was so exhilarating to take the time out to have a Rune Scape marathon, nothing impeding it or keeping me away from it.

Just me and the game, and Pipit the Burrito King’s delivery boy. Shutting of my phone, ignoring all reach outs for going out and hanging with friends. Well at least real life friends. My virtual fins surrounded me all weekend and we had a great time.

I cannot wait for this weekend I cannot shut myself out like this one but I will have a few moments alone to play and engrossed myself in a fantasy. At least for a few moments.

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