Rune Scape

Become a Boss in No Time

If you are a noob in Rune Scape and need to know how to get better, heck how to become a great opponent then these are some sure fire ways in order to do so.

Often time I use these hookups I have been using these hookups and I am one of the highest ranks players out there. At the top of the charts. If you do not believe me, look me up- Lola.

  1. Know and understand how to navigate around the map. The map is crucial part of Rune Scape. Knowing it and knowing it well will save you many hours spent trying to understand how to get around and where everything is.
  2. Being social and making allies will put you further along the game then if you stay isolated and do not interact with anyone.
  3. Get as much gold as you can muster. With money comes power. You are allow to buy things to make you are a more formidable opponent. There are a few ways to do this, the easiest, at least to me, is to buy water and sell for two hundred and fifty gold coins. After doing this and some of the other ways of making money in no time you will reach one million in gold. That is when you can start living the life of a merchant.

Work and train as much as you can. By fighting and overcoming rock crabs, taking out goblins, and the guards

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