Rune Scape

Love is Where You Least Expect It

I remember as if it was yesterday the moment I met my fiancé. I hates when I tell this story but I believe it was kismet. It crazy how some things just work to gather you know without even trying?

I was having a hard day, everything that could wrong at work did. It was as if someone had put a curse on me; there was just no way of winning that day.

After I clocked out and made it, home three hours later. There was super heavy traffic on the freeway. A truck carrying chickens lost control and crashed into the median. It took a long time for the emergency crews to clean up and locate all of the chickens.

Once I made it home all I could think about is taking a nice hot shower and going to bed. In fact, that is exactly what I did.

The only thing is I was having trouble falling asleep. In addition, I tried everything I could think of to help. I turned the T.V. on, count sheep, and drank a mug of delicious chamomile tea, nothing work.

I figured I might as well log onto Rune Scape and see what is happening in the virtual world. Maybe after a few minutes of playing I will be tired enough to get a few hours in before it was time for me to wake up for work.

I was ambling through the forest, testing out my new skill, when it happen. I met this warlock in the forest. We started talking. And the rest is history.

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