Rune Scape

What to Do? What to Do?

Today was a great day. I hit all my goals and now I am ruling Rune Scape. I have done three ninety nines, played seven mini games, and develops a few new skills that have allowed me to start making some money. I mean really I have hit the over the a million dollars.

That was all since this morning. If I did not have to go to school and work, I definitely would be in the multimillion-dollar family for sure. However, that takes time and commitment. Which I am unable to put into right now. However, so I will be there and I will rule the Rune Scape world!

Just this afternoon I was sitting in my cubicle thinking about all that I have to do get on and surpass my dreams and build a great community.

I was even browsing on my phone some different types of undiscovered and hidden treasures; you know cheats, passwords, codes, and hints. Man did I found a lot.

However, I am now comptemplating if I should use them; I mean yea I want to make it to the next level. However, at what price, you know. Is it really worth it? I mean some of the things I found will get you kicked or even banned from the game if I am caught.

Now I am stuck with a dilemma.

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