Rune Scape

Level Up, Y’all

Once you have reached ninety-nine then what next. Should you continue, I mean what is next?

Do not fret, with Rune Scape the sky is the limit. Just keep going. That is the best about this type of game the story line just keep continuing and continuing. It is amazing. After ninety-nine, you have done the ultimate. Way to go you just made it to the next level. Do you feel amazing? Because you should. Not many people can say that they made to this level.

I mean with RS, you max out when you have earned four hundred and thirty million.

To reach this ultimate level. The unattainable high. Just keep up the activates. That mean full on training exercise, succeeding at the quests, and playing activities such as Penguin Hide and Seek, Mage Training Arena, and the many other Minicamps.

Trust me; before you know it, it is next level time. Level up, man. Another extra boost for any much gamer is to do the daily challenges.

I wish someone had told me these little tidbits. It would have save me what felt like a century of unnecessary searching and stumbling through the forest. Well, there was one thing that came out of my naïve playing, I made and met many cool people. Some real life Runesies.

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