Rune Scape

I am a Warrior, stuck in a Noob’s reality

I remember when Run Escape first came out; I was in the seventh grade I think. Watching my older brother and his friends play made me want to try it out. Hey, what can I say, as a young kid my big bro was the coolest thing on two legs to me. Whatever he did, did or at least try to…I am girl anyway.

Eventually he noticed that I was always watching him play. He did as if he always did and asked if I wanted to try it out for myself.

Explaining the different objectives, purposes, and weapons, I picked it up in no time. I remember staying up into the wee hours of the night playing. Until I fell asleep, just to wake up a few hours later for school.

After a while, I stopped playing, I just did not have the time anymore. I became so busy with my activities, school, homework and things it was simply too hard to stay up all night and my weekends were booked.

However, last week I was at my brother’s house hanging out with his family. You know playing with my niece and nephew, talking to his girlfriend. When he brought the game back up on his television. Saying that someone told him it that it has been developed to be more interactive, better playing, and filled with many great people in the community. He decided to try it out again and fell in love with it all over.

That night I went home, turn on my laptop, and created my character, Lola.

I’m back!

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