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Time for a Little Assistance

th6DX7MW1EMan, is this place a mess. Clothes everywhere, things thrown haphazardly. Just no type of order. Being in here is enough to make your head spin. It is like being in one of those teacup rides at Disney, where you just keep swirling and twirling around. So fast that you cannot even, make out the faces of the people twenty feet away. Yes, that is exactly how I feel standing here. There has to be some way to get all of this stuff organize and keep it organized. There just have to be away because I cannot keep living like this. A few more days like this and I am leaving. Yes, I will leave; no one should have to live like this. No one!

Two years ago, this was I. I was sad, depress, and overwhelm with everything going on in my life at the time. I was six months pregnant with my first child. In school, six weeks from completing my master’s in business, and developing a small business with my husband buying and selling used car parts online.

My house, my lovely home looked like a tornado went through, changed its mind turned around and left. Without picking up anteing behind itself! Yes, it was bad. It was just so hard to manage everything that was doing and keep up with the cleaning of the house. My husband was not any better off. I swear in those early years he spent so much time on the road. Buying parts, checking out different tips and leads, and developing a network of people that we use in our daily lives. Without this network, our business and our ability to run it successfully would be in great jeopardy.

Every time I complain, he would reassure me that it would get better. Not to worry about the house and to just keep my eye on the ball and do what I can.

That is easier said than done.

I am a southern girl and my mama did not raise me to keep a messy house. I can only imagine what she would say if she saw that. Lord have mercy. That is a bullet I had manage to dodge almost that entire year. Up until I had the baby, I was able to thwart any plans my mom had on visiting us.

Now two years later and free of my precious Sarah. We are known into our little groove. My house is organized and well maintain, our business is thriving, I finished my business program, and my baby is happy, fat, and healthy.

I know many people are wondering how I did it, right. Well, I decided that I needed to hire some help. After some careful budgeting and prowling, I was able to hire a young girl from my college. Her parents wanted her to work part time during her college days, in hopes that she will not waste her time partying and to have some type of real world experience.

She readily accepted my employment offer as my personal assistant. She helped with the house, organized my planner, and kept me on track and on schedule with my doctor visits, class assignments, and other events and appointments.   In fact, she is still my assistant. At least until she graduates. Then she will intern with some investment firm her brother partners at.

Until then she is all mine and she is wonderful.

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